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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's very easy to get distracted....especially in my world it seems....

I've had a crazy 3 weeks, nothing I can blog about but enough to make my head rattle and for me not to have the capacity to write anything that made any sense to anyone but me. I'm back in college with a very dull class that has me as captivated as a 3 year old learning table manners right now too.
Anyway, I plan on catching up as I've been taking photo's still.

Trying to clean out my big pantry (I have a big one and a small one) I came across 2 boxes of graham cracker crumbs.  I also happened to have a spare jar of peanut butter and so the peanut butter graham bon bons were born....well OK made from the recipe on the box.  They might even last more than one day if I get on and do my work instead of blogging and going on facebook.

They are made from Adams peanut butter which I love, it's just peanuts - no salt, sugar, oil or anything, just peanuts....YUM!  Of course then I added powdered sugar as per the recipe and ruined that healthy jar of smushed peanuts but never made a lot....that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
They also have graham cracker crumbs and rice krispies in them and I threw in about 1/8 of a cup of ground flax seed to, erm, make me feel better about giving the kids them to binge on after school?  Seriously I throw that stuff in everything, blame Costco and their silly big bags of it.

The white ones are coated in white candy coating and the chocolate ones are milk chocolate chips with a smidgen of coconut oil.

These are tiny and very Reeses peanut butter cup like so really it's impossible for even me to eat more than 2 at one sitting.

My apologies for the bad photo - I was too lazy to get the real camera out and the iPod camera sucks.

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