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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So it seems as though I'm pretty crap at this blogging malarkey.  I will continue to take the pics though and up write when I get around to it!
Here's the latest batch of lunches.

This lunch has cucumber, ranch and some turkey hot dog slices, a clementine, turkey and cheese sandwich and apple sauce.

This lunch (DS7) has peanut butter on whole wheat, mango/kiwi/blueberry and strawberry salad, graham goldfish cookies, a granola thin and orange slices.

This lunch (DS5) has a mango/kiwi/blueberry/strawberry and blood orange fruit salad, peanut butter on whole wheat, carrots and a granola thin.

My lunch is the same (but bigger) fruit salad as above with a chicken/mayo and mixed lettuce on whole wheat sandwich with carrots and 1/2 cup pistachios.  I wished I had made a full sandwich instead of half but wasn't hungry afterwards, it was just good :)

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