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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 2 of the Happy Herbivore 28 day challenge

Day 2 of the Happy Herbivore 28 day challenge

I cannot wake up and eat.  I just can't. Hubby can so he had a banana frosty (Everyday Happy Herbivore) on his way to work.  I waited 2 hours and then had oatmeal (leftover from yesterday) with a little soy milk, 2 chopped apricots and a tablespoon of raisins. I make my oatmeal like my dad used to make me porridge (he never used fruit) but still it's kind of stiff and then the milk floats around it. He makes the best breakfast.  I've discovered 'baking raisins' they are the bomb. Moist, plump, juicy, oh so good....nothing at all like rabbit droppings....I'm just saying.

Anyway, here is breakfast:

Next up is lunch.  I baked a few potatoes on Sunday so I just reheated one and reheated left over pot pie mix from dinner last night and here it is, every bit as delicious as last night. (Hubby was catered for yesterday so ended up having his salad from yesterday today instead)

For dinner I made Red Lentil Dal over brown rice from The Happy Herbivore.  I used a frozen onion/pepper mix and added in about a cup of frozen chopped spinach.  It was fantastic. My 6 year old had seconds. I didn't have any leftovers. End of story.

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