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Friday, November 2, 2012

One month in and going strong

So we did it.  One month of a plant based diet.  I say we did it....Andrew did it without cheating at all, I couldn't help myself at the company picnic and ate the Texas bbq (and then had an upset stomach ALL day and regretted it) and I also ate some chicken last week but didn't really enjoy it honestly.  The first 2 weeks are definitely the hardest for this way of eating.  I craved cheese (which I used to eat at least twice a day if not more) and butter and milk in my tea.  After 2 weeks the cravings went away and I got past the caffeine cravings too and now I don't even drink tea....shock horror I know.  I have the occasional cup of Donut house coffee with coconut dairy free creamer but can't manage more than one, it's just too sweet and thick...if that's the word.
I still haven't booked my doctor's appointment for the physical, must do that this week.  I know the man has lost over 15lbs and I've lost 5lbs (without meaning too).  Mine has gone from that baby pouch in my stomach and my thighs - I know this because my bras still fit right but a pair of my jeans that were too tight now fit awesome.  I didn't need to lose weight however so I'm upping the amount I eat because I could probably do with that 5lbs back on.  I eat a ton by the way but with this way of eating the body processes the food very well and quickly and well there is nothing to hang around after the body has been fueled.

Things I've learned this month:

Plant based eating isn't about replacing meat and fat it's about trying new flavors and tasting real food.

I love collard greens and kale and now regularly eat them sauteed with lemon juice in a baked potato (yes that sounds gross and weird to me still but it's so good).

I can run and I enjoy it.

I don't need sinus medication or an inhaler I just needed to stop putting animal products into my body.

Milk if you think about it is disgusting, if you won't drink it from the source you should just not drink it, cow milk is for baby cows, human milk is for baby humans, it's quite simple when you think about it.

Things cooked in oil/butter/grease taste like grease once you've stopped using it and they hide the real taste of the food.

I still love food.

If it's important you'll find a way, if it isn't you'll find an excuse.  My life is important.

Mexican restaurants are good for eating vegan.

If you order dominoes pizza online they will make it cheese free and load up the veggies.

Real food is colorful and full of texture.

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