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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The first lunches of the year

I took the boys grocery shopping with me today.  This is not something I like to do because I love to grocery shop and they don't.  However, I did have a plan.  Armed with breakfast cookies and the grocery circular I let them eat in the car on the way and tell me what they'd like for lunches from the ads.
We actually had fun when we arrived and I'm happy to say we left with a cart full of great food choices.

So here are the boys lunches for tomorrow, chosen by them.

DS5 has a cold sesame noodle salad from Sneaky Chef with added carrots, crushed strawberries topped with vanilla yogurt, cucumber/carrots/tomatoes with ranch to dip and a mango and grape salad.

DS7 has a cheddar cheese sandwich on 8 grain bread and the same as DS5 for everything else.

DH has an avocado salad sandwich, an apple, vanilla yogurt with crushed strawberries, carrots with ranch to dip, grapes and 2 breakfast cookies.

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