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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day before shopping day

The day before I go grocery shopping usually ends up with some interesting lunches.  After being sick in bed for a couple of days I finally felt well enough yesterday afternoon to be up and doing something - so I cleaned the fridge out.  This led to eggs being boiled and the snack box being filled with the left overs of fruit and vegetables that had to be used up. 

Filling the snack box always always encourages everyone to eat the food.  I cut it up ready to eat and it looks good.  In our house we call this the 'free' box, named by DS7 because the boys are allowed to help themselves to the contents without asking. (I first saw the snack box idea on this blog - love this blog and her books!!)

Here is my snack box.  I keep it in the fridge. Underneath the boxes where the ice is supposed to go there are colby cheese sticks.  The little boxes hold 2 cups worth of stuff each.

DS7's lunch for today, (DH has lunch provided today and DS5 is not at Kindergarten today):

He has a cheddar wrap, a slice of oatmeal/cherry bread, 2 orange wedges underneath cubes of melon on piks, a rather battered pig shaped boiled egg, cucumber strips, and a turkey hotdog on piks.  Snack today was chocolate graham cracker bunnies.  Note to self I NEED those cute silicone grass dividers.

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  1. I like the snack tray, we do something similar here. I have a drawer in the fridge that the kids are allowed to snack freely from. Unless its directly before dinner. Less than an hour until dinner is ready, no snacks! have water! I'm mean, LOL!

    I don't have silicone grass, but I do have a TON of the plastic grass dividers, the kinds they use in sushi packs. you're welcome to come get some from here if you want :)