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Friday, September 16, 2011

School lunches....

I make my husbands lunch and lunch for my sons every day.  It's something I think I enjoy doing more than they enjoy eating, but that's OK, it makes me happy and keeps them fuelled.

I haven't decided yet whether or not it's a good idea to post every lunch I make or just the one's I really like - we'll see I guess!  I try to make them healthy but I'm also human, not that anal about it and sometimes I just can't be bothered....SHOCK HORROR.....

Here are the lunches for today:

Lunch for DS5: tuna and mayo wrap, cherry tomatoes, pretzels, cheddar and sesame crackers, 3 prunes (at his request), cucumber on picks and I caved and let him have the handi snack as well.

Lunch for DS7: pretzels, cheddar slices and sesame crackers, cherry tomatoes and a car shaped boiled egg, tuna mayo and lettuce wrap, celery with ranch dressing in container, Greek yogurt drizzled with honey.  He also took 1/2 banana, 2 apricots, a prune and a small container of dry cereal for snack.

Lunch for DH: Colby cheese stick, cucumber slices and celery sticks with ranch dressing, cantaloupe melon cubes, cherry tomatoes (on cute little animal is bound to be the day he eats with everyone else HA HA), red onion tart (shown in post this morning) and egg salad in tomato and basil wraps.

I had a slice of pizza from Costco....oops!


  1. Your food picks look familiar, did you make it over to the "stinky store"? ;)

  2. I did! Love it! I just need to find the cute forks now :-)

  3. They look soooo lovely - I bet they're not hungry after those lunchboxes !