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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday monday.....

Just 2 lunches to pack today due to a half day for DS5 at kindergarten. 

(Side note....I only ever pack water to drink - I'm one of those mean horrid mothers that doesn't buy juice (they're not big fans anyway - DS7 would choose water over juice) and I honestly can't be bothered to deal with milk, they get enough at home).

Here is DH lunch for today.  He has (packed in a Tupperware bento) strawberry yoghurt, a peach, banana and orange slices, a cheddar cheese sandwich on whole wheat, homemade red potato salad and left over chocolate birthday cake.  All the fruit and veggies are from Mile High Organics this week.

DS7 has peanut butter and grape jelly on whole wheat sandwiches, strawberry yoghurt, pear cubes, peach cubes, cucumber slices and celery sticks with buttermilk ranch dip in the little green container.
For snack he took a small container of dry cereal and a banana.


  1. I only pack water too! :)

    I found a lil pack of tiny forks at the Dacono store today. 99c!

  2. Eeek I'm excited, going there tomorrow!